Graphic Design + Web Design + Front End Web Development

What I Do

I'm a graphic and web designer. I work on websites (and print design) daily. It's my 9-5 and I absolutely love it. But when it came to redoing my website for the umpteenth time I chose to go really simple. Don't worry I am capable of all that sparkle. Just look here and here. But for my website I wanted a really clean approach to the "graphic designer's" portfolio. Hope you dig it.

Who I Am

I'm a hybrid designer who can front-end code in addition to "traditional" print and web design. I've been professionally designing for nearly 7 years. I have been known to have a little bit of OCD when it comes to design, which if you ask me is totally necessary in this profession. If you're curious I'm usually available for freelance projects. Just reach out to me and tell me about your project. See below for ways to contact me.

The glass is half-full. You can find me spitting rhymes and imparting wisdom on Twitter.


Wanna see more portfolio examples? Send me a message or reach out on Twitter.

Reach Out.

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